Orsolina28 is a venue for local and international performances. Through its collaboration with a variety of cultural institutions and other local organizations, Orsolina28 hosts festivals, shows and performances by artists from all over the world. Attending an event encircled by the green hills that surround Orsolina28 is a unique experience.

Past Events


Adriana Borriello and Gilda Buttà

Sunday 15 July 2018 at 21.30 | DUO GOLDBERG

"She, the musician, embodies the audible - invisible.
I, the dancer, play the visible - inaudible.”
An actual concert with only two instruments on stage: a piano and a body. An interpretation of two of Bach's Goldberg Variations: architectural perfection, the expression of the simplicity and complexity of existence, the revelation of "invisible" connections between all things, multiplicity and unity.
The audience can yield to being "touched" by the two bodies on stage, that of the pianist, in the act of playing and that of the dancer, in the act of dancing. It can empathically participate in the dialogue between these two different ways of absorbing music. The piece grew out of the casual encounter between Adriana Borriello, a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Avellino, as well as one of the founders of Rosas, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s Belgian group, and Gilda Buttà, an established pianist, teacher and "live" collaborator of Bacalov, Piovani and many others. Together, the two women have written their variations on one of the monuments of classical music.

length 60'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018
Info: http://www.piemontedalvivo.it/vignale-monferrato-festival/



Sunday 8 July 2018 at 21.30 | CO/SCIENZE

Co/scienze, the most recent piece by dancer and choreographer Laccio, is the story of achieving self-awareness, of the actions we perform and of the aims that precede them. This kind of awareness destabilises and upsets us to the point of driving us to doubt others and our bond with them. Union does exist, but it is continually being put to the test. Compared to his previous Cre/Azione piece, here the company of stage performers is more mature since the dancers are no longer driven by instinct but by their awareness.
The Laccioland Company was created in 2012 as a new experiment for the analysis and original development of urban dances.
The starting point of the Company’s work is the purity of the hip hop technique, but the point of arrival is turned upside down: a new language, modelled over time on the experience of Laccio's body, is pursued and found.

length 25'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018
Info: http://www.piemontedalvivo.it/vignale-monferrato-festival/

© Ani Collier

Drew Jacoby

Sunday 8 July 2018 at 21.30 | TUÉ di Marco Goecke

After Whiteout and Spectre de la rose, the Tué solo is the third piece composed by German choreographer Marco Goecke for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. It was created for ballet dancer Bernice Coppieters on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Les Ballets Russes and was presented in 2009 in honour of Princess Caroline of Monaco. The solo has been performed at galas all over the world and is now being presented at Orsolina28 during the Vignale Monferrato Festival. French chansonnière Barbara underscores the aesthetics of Goecke's choreographic art with her warm and embracing voice, which envelops the quick, nervous movements of American dancer Drew Jacoby, hence achieving the synthesis of a contrast which is accentuated by the original costumes on stage that were designed by Goecke himself.

length 10'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018
Info: http://www.piemontedalvivo.it/vignale-monferrato-festival/


Juliano Nunes


This double creation by young Juliano Nunes, a dancer at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, in Belgium, is inspired by classical music and in particular by creations for the piano, an instrument that, as he says, "speaks directly to his creative part".
Back forward back tells of a journey back in time, repeatedly, on the same day, a step back into the unknown.
It is followed by Conductor Imagination, his attempt to identify with an orchestra conductor.
Were the conductor a dancer, how would he transpose the language of music into dance? Hence, this Brazilian artist, who has worked with Ohad Naharin, Jiří Kylián and Hans van Manen, dances in an attempt to find a reliable way to translate music into dance, while also trying to keep the two arts closely linked, even in terms of the images they convey to their audiences.

length 15'
The event is part of the Vignale Monferrato Festival 2018
Info: http://www.piemontedalvivo.it/vignale-monferrato-festival/


Myrna Kamara and Luca Giaccio

Saturday 30 June 2018 at 21.30 I Teatro Civico di Moncalvo | ENTRE DOS

Myrna Kamara is guest of honour at the GRAN GALÀ Moncalvo in Danza 2018 "Serata Novecento - a homage to Rudolf Nureyev".
Entre Dos is a story about two lovers, performed by Myrna Kamara and Luca Giaccio, who find themselves in an agreement of understanding and tolerance: they continue to follow each other as they find their true balance of love.
Myrna Kamara has been a principal dancer for the Miami City Ballet and is an outstanding performer of the Balanchine repertoire. One of her most acclaimed performances was in Verdi's Aida in 2006, directed by Zeffirelli at La Scala in Milan, where she danced together with Roberto Bolle and several other international artists. Luca Giaccio is currently a dancer with the Bayerisches Staatsballet in Munich, and he has performed with several Italian companies in Rome and Verona; he has been a dancer with the Stuttgart ballet, a guest at the Dance Festival in Cuba and Miami and, together with Myrna Kamara, at the Gala des Étoiles in Luxembourg.

length 6'
The event is part of Moncalvo in Danza
Info: http://www.moncalvoindanza.it/gran-gala-moncalvo-in-danza


Emanuel Gat and his dancers

Sunday 16 July at 20.00 | CREAZIONE IN SITU

This piece was purposely designed for Orsolina28 and is an extraordinary opportunity to discover Emanuel Gat's work from a variety of perspectives: a series of short choreographic ideas provide the audience with a close-up view of his work within an intimate setting.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival


Compagnie Wang Remirez

Sunday 9 July at 21.30 | AP15

Ap15 is pure dance in 15 minutes. The artistic power of the choreography pioneered the choreographic lexicon and aesthetics that are hallmarks of this artistic duo; their talent has also enabled them to present their work internationally. AP15 has received several awards, among them the "New York Bessie Award for Outstanding Performance" in 2013. Stage design is irrelevant: a man and a woman interact in a nervous and frenetic pas de deux while music marks the timeline of their relationship. Comparable to electric charges of opposite sign, the two dancers initiate a symbiotic connection within their differences, creating a game of chess in which each one explores his own space in relation to that of the other. In the intermittence between action, recognition and reaction, we witness something akin to the exploration of Love toward Psyche, a dialogue that resembles an elegant match of martial arts. Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto composed the penetrating rhythm of the sound universe.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival


Pockemon Crew

Sunday 9 July at 20:00 | FREE STYLE, HIP HOP

The evening opens to a lively improvisation created by one of the world's most popular hip hop companies. The group is led by choreographer Fghani Riyadh and is marked by irrepressible energy. It was created in the late 1990s on the square in front of the Opéra de Lyon and it continues to assert itself very successfully at major international contests.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival


Compagnia Zappalà danza

Wednesday 5 July at 20.00 | LAVA BUBBLES

Site-specific performance from the project "Nella città, la danza" by Roberto Zappalà and Nello Calabrò Roberto Zappalà's creation "Lava Bubbles" is a part of the "Nella Città" project concept, a form of dance that has the aim of making the performance interact with its surrounding territory. What emerges from the performance is the sense of an inextricable relationship between an art form and the location in which it is performed, between the bodies of the dancers and the body of the city and its inhabitants, both spectators and co-performers of the work. The bubbles in the title were evoked in the author while thinking about Mount Etna, bubbles of daily life that flow along, burst and are reborn in the same sort of relationship the audience has with the dance performance, forming the many short-circuits and paradoxes that together make up the portrait of a city.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival

@ Julien Benhamou

Les Italiens de l’Opéra de Paris

Sunday 2 July at 21.30

A fierce, talented Little Italy exists within the Opéra de Paris’ temple of Ballet, which issued from the Académie Royale de Danse, founded in 1661 by Sun King. This exclusive performance includes an anthology of solos and pas de deux drawn from the great classical repertoire as well as pieces of contemporary dance. A Gala evening and an opportunity to witness the outstanding artistic importance of Italian dancers who work abroad. The performance's vibrancy issues from the pure elegance of French style combined with an Italian heartbeat, further enhanced by the presence of Marie Agnès Gillot, who has danced with the Opéra de Paris corps de ballet since 1989. The show was supported by Orsolina28 and staged at the Teatro Civico di Moncalvo.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival


Shantala Shivalingappa company

Sunday 10 July at 19:30 | IMPRO (prima nazionale)

Collaboration between Shantala Shivalingappa and Ferran Savall, the Catalan musician and singer, dates back to the early 2000s. This "concert for a dancer" develops around the rarefied mixture that combines Ferran's music and Shantala’s unique style of dance. The performance is a new concept of improvisation, issued from a dialogue between contemporary music and dance. A game of possibilities that dismisses the parameters of reason, inhibition and self-censorship to make room for instint, intuition and emotion.

The event is part of the 2017 Vignale Monferrato Festival


Compagnia Sharon Fridman

Wednesday 13 July at 19.30


This duet is based on the contact technique and explores the feelings induced by the lack of love, the sensations one experiences when facing chaos. The piece is supported by effective, melancholic music. Hasta Donde ...? explores the limits of physical manipulation between two bodies and how they can be used to try to break down walls. Followed by

CAÍDA LIBRE (excerpt)

Sharon Fridman shifts her gaze to the concept of survival. While observing a group of people, she asks herself questions about their nature, about how and what drives a community to form, about how collective identity can be undermined by a single rebel; but above all she explores what keeps it together: what leads to the need to provide physical and emotional support to an individual who falls and then rises?

The event is part of the 2016 Vignale Monferrato Festival