About Us


Orsolina28 was created thanks to the passion of Simony Monteiro, a great dance enthusiast, and from her shared vision and high professional regard for Marie-Agnès Gillot, an Étoile at the Opéra de Paris. Integral members of the team are: Ena Narananjo, a dance teacher who has travelled the world over and has chosen to settle in Monferrato to present the Balanchine technique, Laura Edera, who is in charge of coordinating the school and all its training activities, Irene Di Chiaro who is in charge of performances and artistic residencies and, last not but least, the person who keeps everything running: Barbara Bellino.


Orsolina28′ mission is to create a place where dance is accessible to everyone through training courses, creative residency programmes and performances. Orsolina28 believes profoundly that the body is primal material and that everyone is the master of his own body: it is only a matter to listen to it and to properly adress it. Orsolina28 is a place with no boundaries against the contamination of the arts, a place for joy, energy, technique and art.


Dance knows no boundaries, it has no prejudices and it speaks a universal language. Any form of expression creates value and the opportunity to grow. Consequently, Orsolina28 has a regular offering of master classes, workshops and summer camps with world-renowned guest teachers. During these events, students can observe, try out different styles and find the one best suited to their inclinations and physical traits

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.
Maya Angelou

A number of farm buildings have been completely restructured and expanded to become superb dance studios. Everything has been designed to ensure gaining experience of deep balance between the mind, the body and the spirit.

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living.
Alvin Ailey

Housed at the first floor, the Ailey Studio is enlightened by the impressive windows that allow to dance in direct contact with the nature, the colours, the natural lights and all the suggestions that any hour or season can convey. The studio is 10 by 20 meters and can be divided in two spaces. A mirrored wall runs along the whole length and the studio is equipped with barres of three heights for students of all ages. A vertical piano is at disposal for the musical accompaniment of the classes.
The flooring and carpeting are by Harlequin, the excellence for the performing arts and the dancers’ safety.

Dance is music made visible.
George Balanchine

The Balanchine Studio lies at the ground floor, together with the locker rooms and restrooms. The studio is 9 by 11 metersand the barres are of three heights for students of all ages. A vertical piano is at disposal for the lessons’ accompaniment. The flooring and carpeting are by Harlequin, the worldwide renowned supplier of floors for dance.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Martha Graham

Close to the school is located a physical training area, capsuled between the studios and the vegetable garden. Here again the contact with nature is guaranteed by the glass wall of the compact space, interely dedicated to GRAVITY® by means of four machines. The lessons can be in group or individual.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home
Gary Snyder

A full immersion in nature. Everything is organized to experience the aesthetic suggestions that fill every hour of the day. Comfortable and technological geodesic domes will serve as accommodation within Orsolina28’s area.

Everything you can imagine, music has created it already.
Albert Einstein

The knowledge at its bottom roots in the Roda brothers’ ancient handbook of horticolture: this vegetable garden is the result of the old farming skills mastered by means of the actual techniques. The cultivations, organized within eight terraces facing south, shifts on a four- year base, this aims to get a better structure for the terrain (of the vineyards). The 2500 square meters area produces edible flowers, small fruits and high quality bio vegetables. The shades, the even lines, the colours and the leaves’ textures make almost a garden out of this productive area.
Good and cool, because in the vegetable garden you can walk on a comfortable stone path and a layer of straw, against the superweeds, prevents your feet from the dirty soil. On each terrace’s edge the eye is caught by a border of either classic and unusual herbs, together with multicoloured edible flowers such as Indian Cress, Common Yarrow, Borage and Garden Balsam.