About Us


Orsolina28 was born from the enthusiasm and passion for dance of its founder, Simony Monteiro. To this effect, she has assembled an international team devoted to the same high levels of artistic excellence as herself.


The mission of Orsolina28 is to create a place where dance is accessible to everyone – through training courses, creative residency programs, and performances covering all artistic mediums. We believe profoundly that the body is primal and that everyone is capable of mastering their own body. It’s a matter of listening to what our bodies have to say and acknowledging the intelligence that already exists inside of us. Orsolina28 is a place with no boundaries; there are no divisions between the possibilities of dance to express and celebrate humanity. Dancers can train in a non-competitive atmosphere. Our home is a place of joy, positive energy, rigorous technique, and mostly, a celebration of art and nature.

Dance has no prejudices and it speaks a universal language. All forms of physical expression create value and the opportunity to grow. Orsolina28 has a regular offering of masterclasses, workshops and summer camps with world-renowned guest teachers. During these events, students can observe, try out different styles and find what best suits their inclinations and physical traits.

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.
Maya Angelou

All the studios have been renovated with Harlequin’s floors, the world’s highest standard of equipment and facilities for dance. Everything has been designed in order to ensure dancers safety and a deep balance between mind, body, and spirit.

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living.
Alvin Ailey

Housed on the first floor, the Ailey Studio is filled with natural light from three-sides of the studio. The studio covers 10 by 20 meters and can be divided into two spaces. A mirrored wall runs the length of the studio as well as fixed barres at three levels with an upright piano. The flooring and carpeting are by Harlequin.

Dance is music made visible.
George Balanchine

The Balanchine Studio is on the ground floor, together with the locker rooms and restrooms. The studio is 9 by 11 meters with fixed and portable barres along with an upright piano. The flooring and carpeting are by Harlequin.

Give me something to dance about, and I’ll dance it.
Jerome Robbins
@ Julien Benhamou

Situated a few meters away from the main building, the Robbins studio measures 13 by 8 meters. Equipped with Harlequin floor and a HD audio reproduction system, the main feature is the sense of being outside due to the absence of windows and doors.
There are not fixed barres but portable barres available upon request.
An ideal studio with full connection to the surrounding nature.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Martha Graham

Next to the Robbins studio is a physical training studio, surrounded by nature and the vegetable garden. Here the proximity to nature is further enhanced by the glass wall structure. This studio holds eight Gravity Training System® machines. Lessons can be tailored for either groups or individuals.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home
Gary Snyder

A full immersion in nature. Everything is organized to experience the aesthetic comfort that fills every hour of the day. Modern and technological geodesic domes are within walking distance from the main dance studios and serve as accommodation for students.

Everything you can imagine, music has created it already.
Albert Einstein
@ Julien Benhamou

The vegetable garden is the result of old farming skills mastered by modern techniques. The cultivation, a landscape of eight beds facing south, rotates on a seasonal schedule. This aims to get a better structure for the terrain. The 2500 square-meters area produces high-quality bio vegetables. Each bed carries an array of classic and unusual herbs, together with multi-colored edible flowers such as Indian Cress, Common Yarrow, Borage and Garden Balsam.